Brian & Ruthie Gomez


Brian & Ruthie Gomez - Spain

Brian and Ruthie have served as missionaries in Spain since 2009 first in Barcelona and then in Seville. During their time they have assisted in an international church and a Spanish church with discipleship, evangelism, counseling, and teaching. As of July 2017, they have partnered with ICB- International Church of Barcelona ( to plant a church.


The evangelical church is fairly new to Spain. Freedom to preach the gospel was not gauranteed until the mid-1970's and currenty about 2% of the population are evangelical believers. The Assemblies of God and other evangelical denominations are growing through church planting, social work, and evangelism but still are a very small miniority.

Pray that God will open hearts and minds to His love and truth. Pray for local churches and pastors and they strive to make an impact in their communities. Pray for the Gomez family, that God will lead and direct them in their ministry and enable them to make vital connections for the work he has brought them to Spain for.