Kelly & Alisa Ward

Sole Mission

Kelly & Alisa Ward - Sole Mission

Sole Mission was created in response to an ever growing need in America: Shoes for kids. In March 2008, Alisa & Kelly Ward launched SOLE MISSION. Since that time, incredible things have happened. Thousands of children have received shoes. Sole Mission has provided over ½ million pairs of shoes to kids in need.

“Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me.” — Fred Rogers, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Sole Mission provides a new well-fitting pair of shoes to kids in need in the US. This is our clear and distinct mission. However, the implementation of our mission is so much more. Every child who attends a Sole Mission event, receives the undivided individual attention of a caring adult. New shoes are important and make an impact on the life of a child. However, the personal kindness and responsiveness Sole Mission volunteers show to kids who attend, demonstrates their importance and worth. Our volunteers receive hugs, hi-fives and huge smiles not just because of the new shoes, but because of the care and tenderness the volunteers show to the kids.

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